北卡罗来纳州A & T State University is home to one of the most established programs in the field of 专业 counseling in the state of North Carolina. The 心理咨询系 is designed to prepare motivated 学生 to work in counseling or counseling related roles in a variety of employment settings. 咨询是一种专业的关系,可以赋予不同的个体权力, 家庭, 和团体来完成心理健康, 健康, 教育, 职业目标. 

我们多元化的学生群体由最近的大学毕业生组成, 中年改行者, 以及寻求职业发展的晚期职业人士. This eclectic student body enhances the 教育al experience and also provides an excellent foundation for multicultural learning. 除了, 我们的咨询团队经验丰富, 是咨询界的知名成员,并活跃于许多教育领域, 专业, 以及社区领导角色.

Our master's programs are in-person and 学生 have the ability to matriculate at their own rate to enable 学生 the flexibility to maintain employment while seeking their graduate degree. The doctoral program is also in-person but operates on a cohort model and full-time enrollment is required. 课程在上午和下午提供. 该项目每年只招收秋季学期入学的学生.


The mission of the 心理咨询系 is to prepare future counselors and counselor educators to use clinical skills, 研究, 以及为不同种族和文化的学生提供服务的指导, 客户, 在一个全球不断变化的社会中. 

The vision of the 心理咨询系 is to be the premier institution in the preparation of multicultural and social justice counselors and counselor educators.

北卡罗来纳大学的心理咨询项目&T州立大学&T) began as a collaboration between the Department of Psychology and the 咨询 Center at NC A&大约在1960年. 1970年,博士. 桃金娘B. 桑普森博士. Bill Lawrence revised the curriculum creating the footprint for the 社区/Agency and 学校心理咨询 specialty areas as they exist today.

在博士的领导下. 怀亚特·柯克,2001年4月,M.S. 在社区机构(现为临床心理健康)咨询学位,与M.S. 咨询教育(现为学校咨询)学位, became the first counseling degree programs at a Historically Black College/ University in the United States to be accredited by the Council for 认证 of 咨询 and Related Educational 项目 (CACREP). 2006年,人类发展与服务部制定了一项M.S. in Rehabilitation 咨询 (now Clinical Rehabilitation) specialty area which had a focus on the Rehabilitation of Behavioral Addictions among Racial and Ethnic Minorities. This program of study later obtained accreditation by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE). In 2013, the PhD in Rehabilitation 咨询 and Rehabilitation Counselor Education (now Counselor Education and Supervision) was successfully launched. 

The department continued to experience record growth and transformation as the Department of Human Development and Services became the 心理咨询系 in the Summer of 2016. In July 2017, all department specialty area degree programs were accredited by CACREP. This marked the first doctoral program at a Historically Black College / University to be accredited by CACREP. These accomplishments are a testament to the high standards of the counseling program and its commitment to excellence. 目前, the department houses degree programs in the following areas: Clinical Mental Health 咨询, 临床康复咨询, 学校心理咨询, 辅导员教育与监督. 

自成立以来, 咨询项目经历了一系列充满活力的领导者, 包括博士. 查尔斯·威廉姆斯博士. 大卫·伦德伯格博士. 米里亚姆·瓦格纳博士. 帕特丽夏·贝西娅·惠特菲尔德博士. 泰拉·特纳-惠特克博士. Shirlene Coopwood. 2022年,博士. 卡罗琳·布斯开始了她作为心理咨询系主任的第二个任期. 

Our legacy continues to flourish through our department faculty, 学生, and our alumni.


  • 多元化和包容性
  • 以学生为中心的使命
  • 完整性
  • 能力
  • 领导
  • 奖学金
  • 高质量编程
  • 承诺
  • 共同掌权

The 咨询 program is an evening program designed with the working student in mind. 大多数课程在下午6点开始.m. 每周在校园里见一次面. 在一些内容领域也有在线和下午的课程. The program provides 学生 with a flexible matriculation schedule where coursework is completed in sequence but at each individual’s pace. Many 学生 choose to complete their studies in 2 ½ or 3 years and summer classes are optional.

The counseling program offers three Master's of Science tracks: Mental Health 咨询 - Clinical, 心理健康咨询-康复和学校咨询. Each counseling track has a unique curriculum complete with multiple field experiences designed to best prepare 学生 for work with their intended population. 该系还提供博士学位.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision and several post-baccalaureate certificates for advanced study which are available to currently enrolled counseling 学生.

最重要的是, 所有的咨询项目 是完全认可和一致的 咨询及相关项目认证委员会(CACREP),是谘询服务的主要认可机构. The clinical and rehabilitation master's specialty areas are 关闭ly aligned with the Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor requirements for the state of North Carolina. 学校的心理咨询项目也被认可 教育工作者准备资格认证委员会 (CAEP),并符合由 北卡罗来纳公共教育系 (NCDPI).

Prospective 学生 are encouraged to visit all areas of the website for more detailed information on admissions and matriculation.

履行心理咨询系的使命, 确定了以下项目目标. 值得注意的, 辅导教师每年审查项目目标, 计划目标被衡量并报告给重要的利益相关者, 包括校友, 学生, 雇主, 领域实体, 管理员, 和老师.
  1. to present theoretical and practical experiences which prepare graduates to function effectively as counselors
  2. encourage the spirit of inquiry and the production and utilization of 研究 among both faculty and 学生
  3. 促进辅导员使用适当的发展, 文化敏感, 与客户合作的干预策略和技巧. 
  4. foster the development of an awareness and understanding of problems and 专业 issues as well as the legal and ethical concerns in the counseling profession.
  5. 培育特色发展, 个人品质, 以及达到专业标准所必需的诚信水平.
  6. provide opportunities for planned periodic self-evaluation and the development of greater self-understanding as well as the qualities of openness, 宽容, 以及对自己和他人的接纳.
  7. develop and provide a multicultural environment that fosters skills necessary for 专业 counseling in a diverse society.

在完成, many graduates seek 专业 certification and state licensure as 专业 counselors. 应届毕业生目前在临床心理健康机构工作, 公立和私立学校, 临床康复机构, 成瘾治疗设施, 大学咨询和建议中心, 残疾和退伍军人部门, 私人执业. Other 学生 choose to continue their studies with doctoral work in areas of counseling or 教育al leadership.


325 Proctor大厅(336)334-7916.