Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities and Campus Involvement serves as a catalyst for co-curricular learning and experiences outside of the classroom which 支持s the emergence of holistic, well-rounded students as they prepare for life after graduation.

The purpose of the Office of Student Activities and Campus Involvement (OSA) is to enhance the overall 教育 experience through co-curricular development as it relates to programming, 宣传, collaboration, 幸福, diversity of thought and practice and personal and professional development. The Office of Student Activities and Campus Involvement is comprised of four groups: Student Government Association (SGA), Student University Activities Board (SUAB), Council of Presidents (COP), and Joint Greek Council (JGC). 

Student Government Association is the voice for our students, and they focus on 宣传 and political engagement to ensure student concerns are heard and that they have knowledge and understanding of the political process.

Student University Activities Board focuses on providing creative and imaginative programming to provide students with the opportunity to have new and different experiences outside of the classroom.

Council of Presidents is the governing body of our student organizations they provide developmental workshops, 支持, and resources to help our student organizations excel.

Joint Greek Council is the governing body for our fraternities and sororities, and they provide management, leadership development and community building.

We accomplish our mission through programming efforts, 倡议, and the provision of resources associated with our four (4) core functions. These functions and outcomes are, but are not limited to:

  • Designing and 支持ing programs (cultural, 教育, 知识, 休闲, and social) that cultivate student expression and foster interactions among the diverse members of the University community.
  • Providing experiences and opportunities for student leadership to develop them both ethically and morally through social responsibility in order to effectively lead and advocate for the entire student body.
  • Providing students and advisors with ongoing training that will develop and enhance their organizational management and communication skills, personal accountability, leadership skills, and member recruitment capabilities.
  • Providing experiences and opportunities for students involved in student organizations to learn and articulate their strengths and weakness through self-reflection, professional development, and social development.

OSA related activities and events hosted by student organizations can be found on the 1891Connect Events Calendar, which is located to the left. For more information on other campus-wide and departmental events, please view the University Events Calendar


Student Center, Suite 332
Phone: 336-285-4930
Instagram and 推特: @ncat_osa

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.