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Department of 化学

The Department of 化学 undergraduate and graduate students will study and live in a teaching and re搜索 environment that is collegial and contributes to life-long learning. This is possible because the Department of 化学 has excellent student-professor relationships, outstanding course offerings and excellent instructional and laboratory facilities.

The department offers undergraduate degree programs in chemistry, secondary chemistry education and teaching in chemistry education. The department also offers a Master of Science in chemistry.

Graduates of the program enjoy successful careers in industry, academia and the government. Many of our graduates go on to pursue advanced degree programs at prestigious graduate, dental and medical schools across the country.

化学 Department Contacts

Undergraduate Studies, Dr. 玛丽昂·弗兰克斯(, Room 345, New Science Building, Tel: 336-285-2230. 请点击 化学 Override Form for the override requests.

研究生的研究中,  Dr. Bishnu Bastakoti, (, Room NSB 341, New Science Building, 336-285-2233

系主任, Dr. Zerihun Assefa,, Room 348, New Science Building, Tel: 336-285-2255

General Inquiries, Email:

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  • Fourteen UG students recieved their BS degrees at the Spring 2023 commencement cermony. Ten of these graduates are part of the 2019 original 30 cohort who finished the program in four years providing a 33% graduation rate. 
  • 教授 Debasish Kuila and his colleagues, in collaboration with Caltech, 密西根大学, NCSU, MC, and Dow Chemical recieved funding of $3.125 Million for Non-thermal Plasma-treated Plastics for Catalytic Deconstruction and Upcycling from DOE (DOE-EERE). Dr. Kuila is actively pursuing several re搜索 projects in the 化学 Department at NCAT.
  • 化学高级 Tanae刘易斯 did it again with her extraordinary accomplishment of becoming the 2022 Astronaut Scholar. Congratulations Tanae.
  • The 化学 Department conducted its annual whole day retreat on August 11 at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, NC. This provided the opportunity for a fruitful discussion regarding the future direction and expansion of the department's Teaching and 研究 commitments.
  • Tanae刘易斯 has been named a 2022 Goldwater Scholar – the fourth to receive the honor in the university’s history. Congratulations Tanae! 点击这里 to read more about the news.
  • A former 化学 faculty member, 阿尔文·肯尼迪 shares his experience at 北卡罗来纳州A&T State University.  "阿尔文·肯尼迪 describes his career move to 北卡罗来纳州A&T State University



1. 新职位--- 研究 Instrumentation Coordinator. The position will be responsibile for managing laboratory equipment, handling their proper maintenance including preventive and scheduled maintenance, training and proper scheduling of instrumente users etc. Application should be 提交ted through the above link.  

2. A postdoctoral position is available in the Department of 化学, 北卡罗来纳州Agricultural and Technical State University. The project funded by DOE-BES will involve fundamental re搜索, in collaboration with Caltech (California Institute of Technology), on direct air capture and conversion of CO2 to value-added chemicals. 请参考 to the link 欲知详情 to 提交 your applications.

2, Graduate Student 研究 Assistants

The Department of 化学 is actively looking for graduate re搜索 assistants. Various fundings are available to support graduate students. 请参考 在这里 欲知详情.